Benefits to the End User (Farmer):

Ready to use organic products

Increase in organic matter of the soil results in improved fertility

Increases beneficial micro flora like Trichoderma, Azatobacter, Azospirillum, Mycorrhiza, Rhizobium, Posphotobacter etc… in the soil.

Invigorates seed / crop growth in early stages and helps in developing early immunity

Healthy final produce (Chemical free)
More yield more income…

Welcome to SAIRADHYA

We offer advanced organic, biological seed coating and agriculture integrated technologies/products to contribute to the sustainable organic agriculture system which ultimately results in doubling of farmers income with following strategic objectives.

To provide organic & biological seed coating materials for safe seed treatment, seed & seedling enhancement and for eco-friendly environment.
To provide the organic growth promoters, bio-stimulants through foliar / drip application to condition the soil and enhance the soil fertility which results in crop growth and yield improvement.
To provide unique products with combination of biologicals and organic micro nutrients.
To increase the soil fertility, improve the crop healthiness and final quality of produce.
To convert the treated seeds into food-chain results in decreasing inventory loss for the seed companies and to increase grain supply through food chain.