SEEDBOOST ™ is a unique seed treatment combination product with beneficial biologicals and efficient micronutrients for controlling the seed & soil borne diseases and improving the seedling vigour with optimum quality and quantity of healthy plant population.
Crops: Its recommended for all crops. {Cotton, Maize, Paddy, Wheat, Millets, Soybean, Red gram, Oil crops, Ground Nut, Sugarcane, All Vegetables, Marigold and other Ornamentals}.
  • It acts as a biofungicide and biopesticide to protect from all fungal infections like wilt, damping off, root rot, collar rot, sheath blight etc and soil pest infections.
  • It boosts the initial sprouting of seeds and germination counts.
  • It increases the growth of root system which is important part of the plant to supply all necessary nutrients to plant.
  • It enables the easy and fast assimilation of micro and macro nutrients by the efficient root system there by enhancing the plant or crop healthy growth.
  • It keeps the good soil health as eco friendly product and as bio-friendly product.
  • It is easily degraded in soil, Its safe for people, plants, pets and other animals unlike chemicals.
Application: Seed Treatment; at 3-5 gm per Kg seed (with compatible polymer for better results).