About our Logo:
Our logo represents our organization’s main motto. The nine (greatest numerical) orange (symbolizes the harvest & the happiness) coloured grains symbol indicates the higher productivity and higher income to our customers and olive-green (symbolizes the ambition & the wealth) coloured hand symbol indicates the quality and quantity assurance to our customers. Overall, our organization cares and strongly supports our customers and assures for healthy produce with maximum productivity and maximum revenue.

About us

SAIRADHYA Organics And Seed Technology Private Limited is a private enterprise established in 2020, is basically an organic – biological based seed coating and seedling stimulating products and services providing organization to seed & agriculture industry based at Hyderabad, serving with the tag line of “save nature – save world”. Apart from the above, we are also focussing on advanced seed technologies like seed pelleting, seed encrusting, seed physical and physiological upgrading, seed technology equipment, seed technology training & consulting services and organic based foliar and field application products.

At SAIRADHYA , we are committed to provide eco-friendly and sustainable solutions for our customers. We are focusing on B2B as well as B2C segment. Under B2B segment, we are targeting Seed Industries, Corporate farming industries and organized FPO’s & NGO’s. Under B2C segment we are targeting rural level farmers. We understand the current problems of various stake holders in agriculture industry which has given us the great opportunity to solve the problems in eco-friendly way. With the current threat of global warming and climate change, we need to find innovative ways to do things that are effective but do not cause any harm to the environment.

Our company established with the support of Dr. Raghavendra Kavali, is a Seed Technology expert and also owing a prominent position as an advisory committee member for Ph. D student’s research in Seed Science & Technology department in Professor Jayashankar Telangana State Agriculture University. He has good experience of 10 years in various positions in International level Seed Industries and well expertise in advanced seed technology, by working with INCOTEC (a Netherland based organization), CENTOR (an Australian based organization) and currently working with ADT Project Consulting (a German based organization). He obtained Doctorate degree in 2017, in the area of Plant biotechnology and degree in Post Graduate Diploma in Technology Management in Agriculture in 2014. But his core research is in seed technology, extensively worked on Biofertilizers, Biological seed coatings, Seed Pelleting & Encrusting, Seed Drying & Storage, Seed physical and physiological quality enhancements etc. He is simultaneously working in an NGO organization to promote organic, biological, eco-friendly farming system.

Dr. Raghavendra is currently working in seed sector development in India through Indo-German Project. His current extension activities are capacity building in high quality seed production, processing, post-harvest technologies and seed certification in building the first line trainers to train ground level extension officers and farmers. His current research activities are “preparation of formulations of all in one organic-biological seed coating additives”, “testing the efficacy & longevity of biological seed coatings”, “extension research on Groundnut”, “Optimization and standardization of better drying & storage system to control Aflatoxin in Groundnut & Maize”, “effect of Chlorophyll Fluorescence on seed quality identification” etc.

SAIRADHYA is primarily focused to provide quality products at competitive price and with optimum customer satisfaction. Our R & D team is always focused to deliver eco-friendly and cost-effective formulations.

SAIRADHYA is Open for Joint Ventures & Collaborations